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Unhappyer buyer.. But I did what was asked?


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I’m a little lost on how to handle this so I need some advice. I just recently completed a job to design an art deco Lady for a card game. the client wasn’t sure if he wanted to hire me for the whole set so I suggested a single character design to see if he was satisfied with my work.

He agreed and we set up a gig for me to do this. however after receiving no feedback from him I delivered what I had done, to the best of my ability Using references from a PDF file he had sent to me.

However I have just gotten a message from him explaining he’d been out of town asking me to completely redo it Now I understand fully if he didn’t like the work and decided He didn’t want to hire me, but he wants me to to redo the work for free.

I don’t know what to do, My gig has a full set of examples of how I do My deco figures. He knew what I do and how it looks when it’s done.

So, what do I do? I’d really appreciate the help and any suggestions as I’ve never had this happen before And I’m not sure whats proper.

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Clients always have the opportunity to request revisions. You have a few options

  1. Try working with your client and give him a revision and maybe gain a loyal buyer for future projects

  2. Tell your client you don’t think you are a good match for his project and cancel the order (client won’t be able to leave a review if he accepts the cancellation)

  3. Point to your gig description and tell your client everything was delivered as described and risk a neg. review

It really depends on each individual project and client and how you want to handle it

Best of luck!

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the problem is I can’t cancel the gig it was completed because the client was out of town. so it automatically completed on the third day.

And I’m nervous to contact them as the message, while not hostile, was quite negative about the work and I don’t really know how to approach it.

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