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Number of reviews - need solution to have more fairness


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Hi Fiverr friends,
I have a suggestion that I hope it could help to have more fairness between sellers, as well as improve the overall market work’s quality.

  • One of the most important factors of gig search result ranking is the number of positive reviews.
  • Many seller only do simple jobs + low price as $5 --> they have hundreds to thousands of reviews --> their rank is top
  • Many seller only do complex job + high price, can be higher than $100 / order due to the nature of the work --> they find very hard to find even a hundred of reviews
  • The same amount of money earned, one seller has thousands of reviews and top rank, one seller has a few reviews and can be wiped off easily from the market with a newly created gig of doing simple jobs.
  • Is this fair to be like this?
  • Should these complex-job-seller should change themselves to simple-job-seller?
  • Or Fiverr system should have a certain calculation to help flatten this unfairness?

I hope my suggestion is helpful.

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