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Sellers promoting gigs in buyer requests


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Hey all,

I’m new to fiverr, so I spend a lot of time looking at the buyer requests. I’ve noticed quite a few new sellers promoting their services there. I imagine that is frowned upon, but I see that they often have offers sent to them! I guess it’s possible that it could be other fiverr members offering to promote their gigs or sending them messages not to promote their gigs there.

Is that against the community guidelines? Do you have any experience with sellers posting in buyer requests?

(Moderator Note: Gig self-promotion link deleted. If you wish to promote links to your Fiverr gigs, you may do so in the My Fiverr Gigs forum. Please read and be familiar with the Forum Rules.)

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Someone posted a topic a while ago explaining how he got banned because he advertised there (after getting the first sale).

I don’t know if it’s for real or not, but trust me, it’s bad really… it’s a sign for every buyer and seller that you can ignore details, and this will give you bad rep if you ask me…

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