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Why some buyers are asking me to do what they want for free on messages?


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Hi everyone,

I am just wondering if this happened to others sellers here on Fiverr, Please let me Know or share your story with me .

Two days ago, some one send me a message asking me to do for him a “SIMPLE” work (Only from his point of view) on google Sketchup and asked me when I could make this work done for him, I told him that it will take one day and only I’ll start to work on it immediately after he make an order on my gig. Then, he asked shockingly " a gig ??? " as if I’m asking him to do weird or improper thing and he insists it just a simple work and he was wondering if it needs to make an order. I stopped to reply and I didn’t know what to do ? Is that a usual stuff here in fiverr that people ask for a free work to be done for them. I mean I didn’t even buy from me anything yet to make for him a free work or something. I’m still newbie here and I’ve only sold one gig since I made my account from a month ago.

Should I accept doing something for free ?

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I don’t know about buyers but i come up with some sellers like that here…this things are happening to me even today only when some seller ask me to provide them help and do the thing for free like they ask me to put eCommerce site reviews from my account just to support them …Some want me to help them to get the buyers and search the buyer for them…i mean here i am doing hard to get the buyers for my services…why would i refer my buyer to some new seller whom i don’t know …
Sometimes i supported them when it seems fine for me !!

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It’s real simple. Make an offer of what you’re going to do. Be very specific.

E.g. I will your site www.sillysite.com mobile friendly and responsive in 3 days.
I will also fix the font issue presenting on the desktop version of your site.

Give it a price $30. Send this offer in conversation.

Do not start working for the client until they accept the offer. If they ask anything about working for them, politely say “I’m really excited about working on this project and I can get started just as soon as you accept the offer above”.

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NEEEEEVER do work for free.
I’ve had people ask me "I need to check your skill and ability before I place an order,"
but I have plenty of sample images and it should give the buyers a pretty clear idea of what
I can do, and what my style is.
Sometimes I had buyers saying "I saw your samples, but they all looked the same, I need to
know if you can draw in a different style…"
Well then, this buyer should move on look for another seller that draws images in the
style he wants!
Or, I send him other samples. I’ve been drawing for YEARS now, I have PLENTY of samples
to show, a lot of them in different styles.
Usually though, I just say “I don’t work for free, it may seem simple to you, but it still
takes time to draw it.”

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A lot of times we’ll get messages where people want us to mix and master a song for them for free to see if they want to use our services and then they vanish as soon as we resend them a price list or a quote. I’ll never understand people like that. It takes so much time to do these things. People are already getting a discount by ordering off of Fiverr. If they can’t go by samples or test someone out with a $5 or $10 order then they can leave.

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