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Need help from old sellers regarding orders


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Why 90 percent of my order come from buyer requests?

I’m a level 2 seller with 120 reviews . Most of the reviews are from my repeat buyers.
I send daily 10 offers in buyer requests from which 1 or 2 buyer accept the offer for my best selling gig

But why can’t I get maximum order from just a random search by a buyer?
Is this normal?

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You need to do some research into your own gig and your competition. Go open up an incognito browser and go to fiverr and search some of the tags you’ve used in your gigs and see what pops up. I recently redid some of my gigs because searching for the tag didn’t bring up anything at all! So I changed the tag and have seen a slight uptick in my views/clicks.

You need to set your gig up to be search-engine optimized… in other words, find out how people search for your services and cater to them. And make sure you put your gig in a category that is relevant but not oversaturated with competition.

And speaking of your competition – go find similar gigs to yours and look at what they offer and how you can compete. Don’t copy them, but do check out their tags and pricing and such.

Also, use social media to advertise. It’s important to be visible. That will help more people see you and that gives you a higher chance at a purchase.

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