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Hi all!

Ive had the pleasure of testing out fiverrs V2 platform for a couple of weeks now. Who else has?

My main gripe is as a popular seller im finding it very difficult to track amendments requests left on gigs ive delivered. The new notification system (Not the to do list) is difficult to use if you have alot of notifications in it. Ive been returning to the older layout to use that notification system.

One solution that would greatly help me out is if in the “to do” list we received a notification that a message has been left in a gig that we need to reply to… I could then click on that and mark it as replied in an organised way.

Another solution would be that the notification system had its own page where we can tick notifications off…

How have others that are selling around 30 gigs a day coping with the new system? How have you been dealing with amendment requests?

Thanks in advance for any tips

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