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Can you really make money on fiverr?


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Hi basita,

Fiverr is the best freelancing platform to earn money as compared to others. You will definitely get orders and earn money like us in sometime.

I’ve checked your profile and seen that you’ve Gigs which are common which may be the reason you’re not getting orders. You should offer services which are not common (easily found on Fiverr) and in demand or trend as compared to other commonly offered Gigs which helps you to stand out among lower competition in your niche.

Try this things:

  • Find Gigs similar to your niche and update your Gig details
  • Add your unique quality services Gigs
  • Apply to buyers request similar to your skills
  • Check the Fiverr Academy here.
  • Share your Gigs on social media sites
  • Keep calm and patience is the key

Good luck!


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You can’t simply create a gig and expect orders to slap you on the face from all over the places.
You have to work hard to get these orders, send offers to buyer requests, promote your gig (but don’t spam), do some research on the forum, and also - send offers to buyer requests. If you word them politely and know you can do them, you’ll eventually get an order and so on.

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To answer your question, yes, you can make money on Fiverr.
I don’t make thousands like some super sellers, but I do make a nice extra amount on the side.

To answer your second question, I don’t think buyers choose sellers at random.
They do research too, they check other gigs, look at their samples, compare, and then
make their final decisions. Judging from your very short gig descriptions and lack of
samples, I personally think it would be hard to convince people that your gigs are better than others.

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