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I have a gig upgrade to 16G Dropbox legal capacity - Fiverr delete it?


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Dropbox only for 2G users free storage
2GB is not enough to use
you have to invite your friends to be able to use additional storage capacity, up to 32 friends
to be accepted per person are invited to use dropbox, and install the application and log on to their personal computers
That is very complicated and difficult to convince a friend to take time out to perform multiple steps such

I have numerous friends on social networks: facebook. google +, yahoo … and they are willing to do so

I do not find yourself in violation of Fiverr what policies and Dropbox

I’ve done successfully for 70 orders !!!
After 1 month suddenly Fiverr my account permanently locked !!!

Now I have to start again from scratch

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You are breaking the Drobox TOS as you have no right to sell a service which they provide. In this case, yes, you will have to start completely from scratch but this is solely your own fault.

Your just lucky that Fiverr hasn’t passed on your details to Dropbox so that they can seek compensation for the 1120 GB of online storage space you’ve so far cost them.

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