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I am not finding my gig in Fiverr Search engine


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Hello Everyone,

I am level one seller on fiverr now. I have just promoted to level one. Now I have 10 gigs (active). But when i start searching them in fiverr search through another browser. I cant find them even using side bar tools (online seller, online seller etc). then I use the category option but never get the result again. i am searching the words the are in the title of gig or in tags.
But it is showing me that all gives are active on mu id.

Please give me solution. How i can made my gig find-able in fiverr search engine.

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check this out
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Hello! I have a problem with my gigs: there are not listed in the search results. I've sended a ticket and I've received an answer: "the gigs currently active in your account are not on our editorial focus, so unfortunately your account won't be...

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