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Hey Guys and Gals...I'm pretty sure there's no magic bullet!


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Those of you that are consistently getting it done here will probably agree and those that want to get rich quick probably won’t. This is not to say that there aren’t tricks you can use to draw in more customers, tweak your gigs, get more views and win five star reviews. But when it comes to success on FIVERR, I don’t believe that any one tip is going to skyrocket you to success.

It’s going to take old fashioned hard work, persistence, good communication and in some cases, humility, to make this work. Is it worth it? Yeah. But you’e going to get out of it what you put into it. With that being said, here are my tips:

  1. Pick something you’re actually good at to offer. If you can’t write, don’t offer Amazon Descriptions because that’s where you think the cash is. if you don’t have the latest graphic software, leave design to someone who can do it. Be creative…people need a lot of stuff that you wouldn’t expect.

  2. Communicate. It doesn’t matter that you’ll never meet your customer in person or that they’re only paying $5 for something that may take you a bit loner than you expect. Acknowledge the order. Keep them updated. Apologize if you miss something or must deliver late. And say “thank you” for their business. In other words, act like a human being.

  3. Make good on your promises and go the extra mile when you can. Providing good customer service even when you don’t feel like it or a customer is particularly challenging will get you far.

  4. Have some fun. I’m continually amazed by the interesting products, people and requests here on FIVERR. Interacting with customers all over the world from my humble desk is pretty cool. And I’ve learned a lot writing about topics I had never heard of before. If you’re not having fun here, you won’t keep at it and you won’t earn any money. Period.

Anyone else come across any “magic bullet” tips that actually work? Or is your experience, the same as mine?

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Great post! It’s completely true. Be patient, work hard, communicate effectively no matter what the cost of the gig, and do what you can to deliver the best work possible! I’ve been on here for a year and these are great tips to follow.

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