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Growing Your Service Into A Proper Business With Fiverr


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First thing first, Fiverr is definitely an amazing place to connect freelancers to the market. But, for many including myself, Fiverr is much more than just a platform. It is a driving force for my business.

When I first started out in 2012, I was an upcoming freelancer looking to get some work and create my portfolio. 4 years later, I now run a registered animation studio in New Delhi, India with a team of 25 creative artists.

For me, it is a dream come true and I am able to achieve this because of the exposure that only Fiverr can provide in its unique way.

Below I am mentioning a few tips, which I feel can help freelancers to grow and hopefully create a business out of their services:

  1. Consider Fiverr as your star marketer. It’s an amazing platform that can bring buyers to your gig without you having to chase them. Respect that. Respect the queries and orders that you are getting and provide only the best to your buyers.

  2. Never compromise on quality. There will be times when you will feel that you are not getting compensated enough for all the hard work that you are putting into an order. Still, you should never always adhere to the highest quality standards. Quality is a habit that should never be compromised under any circumstances. Every order (no matter how big or small) add to the overall experience which will ultimately grow you as a professional.

  3. Keep adapting to the changing times. Especially in the digital world, technologies keep changing at a rapid pace and so does the demand. You need to keep a tap on the industry you are in. Look at what other providers are offering in your category. Keep checking the buyers’ request. If you feel that the market is going into a certain direction, prepare yourself, get trained and adapt.

  4. Register your company. If you are serious about starting a business, you need to register your company. The timing is most important here. In my case, I first established my profile and once I started to get a certain number of orders, I felt confident enough to register my company. Next, my whole approach changed dramatically. I started to take Fiverr more seriously than ever, which positively affected my business. My turnover got doubled within the first two months of getting registered and within a year I started to hire creative artists for my company.

These are some tips that I wanted to share, especially with the freelancers who are serious about setting up a business. If you have some tips and other useful information regarding starting a business with fewer, do share. I would love to read your stories.

I am still a little nervous sharing this as I don’t know the rules.
This is my first post here in the forum, so if I have made any mistake or missed something feel free to let me know.
I always wanted to share my experience on this topic. Let today be the day when we connect 🙂

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