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Change the fiverr $5 concept

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Hello everybody - If you like my suggestion…please vote and comment for this suggestions:

Fiverr continue $5 concept from last 3 years…But I think…Now time to change the $5 concept…

Fiverr got 3 years good market experience… He we can sell micro job service…

But Now It’s time to sell mid level and big level job service selling

Lots of Seller are so depressed cuz he can’t sell his mid and big level job service like : (Full magazine design, full brochure design, 3d interior design and render, video editing, full website designing etc) service.

Cuz Fiverr is paying $5 very low amount…then buyers are getting so demanding in low cost $5

So i got a idea to add a new feature on fiverr

Now it’s time to sell mid level and big level job service on fiverr

Feature should be like this.

Gig cost starting from $5-500

  1. Seller must have rights to cancel any job without mutual cancellation but in buyer case…buyers needs cancellation with seller mutual cancellation
  2. This section all gig reviewed by fiverr support then verified new gig (It’ll keep away fraud seller)
  3. Fiverr must developed a live chart room like gtalk, yahoo talk etc. (this will make easier conversation to buyer and seller)

    thanks …If you think any new feature add in this category please comment and suggest here:


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This takes the concept of Fiverr our of Fiverr though.

This is not a website for large freelance projects and it never has been aimed at that. As you become level 1/level 2 you can charge more for your work, but in terms of $$$'s of dollars, this just is not the place.

If people are trying to sell services like that, then they should be on proper freelance websites. Fiverr will not change their direction as you are suggesting and I also would not like them to.

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