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Need your review - How is my new gig?wordpress installation

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  • 4 weeks later...

Not sure what you mean about ‘if you need to review it’ but I can comment on the general overall presentation of your profile and gig.

First, I think you need a better profile picture. Perhaps a picture of yourself. I think the phrase, ‘the best gig on fiverr’ should be removed from your profile picture. There are many really good gigs on fiverr so you don’t need to say that about your own gig. You already have some great comments so let your buyers comment on the value of your gig. It makes it more credible.

I liked the video, it was a bit choppy when I viewed it but maybe it was just my computer or bandwidth problem or something on my end.

At the beginning of the video, if the sites you are showing are your own work, put a statement on there and say something like these are 'samples of my work.'

At the end of the video, the 'best gig on fiverr is in a font that is too large. Remove that best gig statement completely and put something like for $5 - Only on Fiverr. Then you can put the video on other video sharing sites to advertise your gig.

In your description it is not clear to me if the buyer has to supply a template or if you are supplying the template. If you are supplying it, is it a free template, professional commercial template or one you will create?

Sounds like a great gig, hope my comments help you. 🙂

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