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New way of finding sellers in future on Fiverr.com!


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sner85 said: #Anarchofighter Thanks for post but this is a marketing and statistics: More messages and more discussions lead to more sales actually It's logical 30-40% + more!


Where there is another aspect to the "logic" ... more points of contact per sale means a lower rate of income.


If it takes 100 messages to make 40 more sales. (which is based on my experience here probably not a true measure and very hopeful) Then that means 60% of the time you're following up on a dead lead.


Add to that, dead leads often take multiple conversations.


See this dialogue from THIS MORNING.


Hi can i know roughly your publicity and advertising strategy is about? do you have any samples for me to take a look? =)

do reply ASAP =D

◀ I write.


My gig is guaranteed so if you don't like it, get your fiverr back. AS a policy I don't share samples, as work is customized and business are proprietary. After all, won't you have a better sense of the value when it's applied to your business?


In closing, over 500 thrilled past clients is fairly good "proof" of the concept.


◀ Time Wasting Prospect Says


at least 1 sample please? coz i new to fiverr =) just give a simple one to add my confidence =D


◀ I write.


In the time we've been talking, there are two new positive feedbacks from people to whom I've delivered work. There's no better proof than work in your hands. Order with confidence.


◀ Time Wasting Prospect Says


oh. but please? 1 sample only? =)


◀ I again restate my policy


Don't do samples as a matter of policy and integrity to past buyers. Honest brokers are allowed to get the REAL THING customized for YOUR BUSINESS and if you don't like it, you get $5 back. What more would anyone need to know?


◀Time Wasting Prospect Says


ok, it's ok if no simple. So basically what can i achieve with your advertising strategy and so on? the benefits are?


(So there you have it, now the suspect -no longer even a prospect wants me to do a 1 on 1 sales presentation for $5. Again, I will never say "It's only a Fiverr" or whatever, but I do not have the capacity to waste time on this).


◀ I reply


If you cannot tell from the video, you're not qualified This is not a markeplace where it makes sense to have 10 messages back and forth with my schedule to make a $5 order. Your purchase is guaranteed. There's no more I care to say about this.



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I had responded to a similar post about an instant chat feature. In my opinion, this idea would make it less professional. When buyers get familiar with you, so to speak, by instant chat or knowing your comings and goings, then your relationship become unprofessional and will lead to problems. Why do you want to know if a seller is on line? If you do not have a business relationship (have ordered a gig) why does it matter and if you have ordered a gig, what does it matter because you can assume they are working on your order. I really do not see an upside to knowing who is online and who is not but I can change my mind if reasonable points are put forward.

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I actually do not like this idea very much.

Sometimes people are online and busy with some work (or they left their computer screen open while having lunch), thus cannot reply to messages in the inbox.

This will generate a bad view. People might think they’re getting ignored.

I’d actually like this feature on the forums, but not on the fiverr’s main site

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