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Something wrong with buyer requests?


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Hi all, I’m fairly new to Fiverr and trying to get some of my gigs off the ground with no such luck yet. I’ve read some forums and a lot of the advice said to use buyer requests, however i only see 2 or 3 a day? I just wanted to ask if this is normal. I remember about a week ago I had around 10x that.

Any advice is welcome and surely helpful! Right now buyer requests aren’t working out so well for me

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The number of Buyer Requests you see depends on:

  1. How many buyers are requesting (varies by day)
  2. How many categories your gigs are in (varies by your number of gigs and thus Levels)
  3. Magic/the weather/position of Mars in relation to Venus/other randomness

I see you’re a proofreader – if all your gigs are in the same category (Writing and Translation --> Proofreading) then you will only see when buyers post in that category.
Try expanding your gig categories – Writing/Translation --> Creative Writing; --> Research + Summaries; --> Blog Posts + Articles; --> Other… but also to different super categories like Other, Digital Marketing, Advertising… basically anything that could potentially include writing. Buyers (especially new ones!) don’t always think like you might when selecting the category for their request… so you have to think like them!

You can make a gig for each category – then you’ll be able to see everything!
When using a mobile app you may only reply to a BR with a gig in the category, so this helps you see and apply to more when you’re on-the-go!

However, you should try to have one main proofing gig that you can accumulate great reviews on. When on the desktop site, you can apply with your “main” gig. And when on the app you can apply with the others, but redirect them and make a custom offer for your main gig. I’ve learned the hard way that having 60 reviews spaced over 12 gigs isn’t as effective as having 1 gig with 60 reviews, so I’ve started to consolidate where I can.

I hope this helps you get started here on Fiverr!

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