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Some useful Tips for new sellers :)


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Hi guys,I am seeing lot of posts saying not getting orders etc. so,here are few tips which may help you to get orders.

1.You should use your original profile picture as in my views it increases trust of buyers on you.

2.Use original samples of your own work, you can use your most recently done projects samples as your portfolio.

3.Your response time must be good because lot of buyers may in hurry and they need their work done asap so for this reason they will search for a seller with good response rate.

4.During the work you should keep in touch with the buyer as this may result in a awesome review from your buyer.

5.Deliver on time it will increase your gig impression.

6.Offer something unique,something free with a 5$ gig because to get on level 1 and level 2 you have to offer your buyers something special so in future they can remember you for more projects.

7.Work on your gig description if its been a while since you get a order then you must work on your gig description add.

  1. Be active,i know its impossible to sit in front of your pc always. You should download fiverr app as whenever your mobile phone is in wifi connection you will appear as online on fiverr.

9.Promote your gigs/work on social networking sites or hire someone from fiverr to promote your gig.

  1. Offer free limited time services this will attract your buyers and it will help you to get on level 1/level 2 …

Thanks. Hope these tips will help new sellers.

Top sellers if you want to add more tips please add in comments. Thanks


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