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Not Getting Orders


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i am new on fiverr but i received and completed 6 orders successfully and got 5 star and positive reviews from five orders and one with no review but not negative.Now i am not receiving any orders,i change my gig titles and pictures in every two weeks i send all my 10 offers daily my price is low (5$).i am always online 24/7 but not receiving any orders.I completed my last order 10 days ago.What i have to do.I think buyers are not receiving my offers or what is the problem.Please Fiverr Community Help

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Logo Designers are facing the issue and that’s because everyone is Logo designer now a days with atleast 7-8 years of experience. I’ve never been lucky with Buyers Request so i quit sending offers,Try not to change your gig’s information frequently this probably will vanish or drop down your gig its my experience whenever i update my gig i don’t receive orders. Most of the big and old sellers here stick with 1 thing and that becomes their identity and people recognize their gig just by watching their portfolio primary picture

People hardly look at username when there are thousands of sellers

Try to promote your gig send some real traffic through social media
Forget the revenue look at the sales and reviews
More reviews = More sales that’s so legit
Try to stick with the flow don’t leave or lose hope
You’ll succeed

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