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An Advice when you Add an Offer to an existing Order


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I don’t know if I’m the only seller who has experienced this, or if I was not thinking clearly or if I’m the only seller who slips minor details such as this.
But I decided to share it, so other sellers can avoid it to happen to them (in case).

I had an order that was tagged as “Late” because of minor changes that the customer asked. Though there were no issues between me and the customer (he has been my loyal rebuyer), the only reason why it got late was because whenever I deliver the final work, the customer would respond in after a day and would ask a minor change because he was still trying to conceptualize the whole work while we were doing the project (and these minor changes happened thrice for the same order), and Fiverr’s system resumes the clock of that order once the customer has asks for a revision; so that’s the reason why it got delayed.

Eventually, the customer decided that I can create an additional concept out of the delivered order, and he did agree for an added payment and even gave me 2 more days to complete the added concept.
Since technically that was not a new order but was just an additional to the existing order, I sent my customer an ADDITIONAL OFFER/extra offer, consisting of the agreed amount and number of days.
I didn’t create a new order so it wouldn’t confuse my customer since the thread of our conversation is within that order, and also to assure the customer that we are trusting each other to complete his concept (as I’ve mentioned he is my rebuyer with huge orders).

Anyway, long story short, the customer accepted the additional offer and we both thought that it would start with the agreed additional days (Sorry for being redundant on the word “Additional” as it is necessary for the point); however, much to our surprise, the 2 days were only consumed by the late days that the number of revisions has passed.
So it turned out that, after the customer accepted the 2 more days, I was still tagged as late for the order.
Whew! Anyway, the customer told me that it’s not a big deal for him and that I should not be in haste; however, it did concern me because I was afraid that my Delivery Rating might be affected.
So I contacted Customer Support asking them to amend the issue since the customer also agreed with it. I sent screenshots of conversations with details of what happened but Customer Support cannot amend or change the delivery days. They said that they can’t do anything about it etc. I’m not sure if they really cannot or they just don’t want to but I was still tagged as late.
I ranted, out of frustration because I really don’t want my Delivery Ratings to be affected, so another guy from Customer Support replied and told me that, if I had my first delivery on time, it wouldn’t affect my Delivery Ratings at all though on the order I was tagged as late.
I’m hoping that’s true. I’m still observing my ratings as of this time.
I’ll update this in after a week or two to see if that information is really true.

The lesson that I’ve learned is that it’s better to create a new order if something like this happens.

Let me know if you’ve experienced the same thing and what was the effect on your own ratings.

Cheers! 🙂

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I recently had this same situation and I had to add 9 days as additional time, because the client decided after 8 days, to make changes he would pay for… so I just explained why it said 9 days when it was actually going to take 1 day and the order wasn’t marked late.

I do hate when those big red late letters scream at you on an order when someone requests a modification - if it isn’t going to affect your delivery ratings, then why have that on there…

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Exactly my point. It also bothers me a lot seeing those red BOLD letters, when in fact, I did my part not to be late. But anyway, I’ll just try to be positive and hope that it really wouldn’t affect my rating.
That’s also a good suggestion moving forward, to include in the counting the number of days passed during revision period, and just explain it to the customer. Thanks for that! 🙂

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