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Should I report Buyer?


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About a month ago, I started writing biographies for individuals and businesses, here on Fiverr. I recently got an order from an individual and I completed it in a few hours and turned it in. Communication was going good between us, however, when I delivered this person’s biography everything changed. They left me a 1 star review and said I had no writing experience and that their biography had spelling and grammar errors in it. Everything this person said about my work and myself was a huge lie. I honestly have no idea why they did this. I never send work that has errors in it and I have other buyer’s reviews as proof of that. What makes this situation even more puzzling is that this buyer still accepted and paid for the biography, even though they are allowed 3 free revisions and the right to request a refund. I don’t know if this person is an Internet Troll or what. It’s confusing and amusing at the same time! Has this ever happened to any of you? Should I report this buyer? Or should I just let it go? This isn’t a big deal. It’s actually funny to me, but I’m new here and I still want to make for sure that I handle this appropriately. Here’s the link to my profile, just for reference: https://www.fiverr.com/aprilthompson#!

Thanks everyone! (I apologize if this post uploads twice. The site is being difficult.)

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Actually it happens. There are many times, when the buyer is unaware of how Fiverr works…

I had a similar experience (but nit that much worse). I did a Facebook Ad for a sweet lady…I delivered the ad but she gave me 4 stars. It means she was not completely satisfied.

So I contacted her and ask If I could do anything that can make her completely happy. She explained why was not she happy and then I fixed it quickly and got 5 stars;)

Contact the person, Ask politely, what can you do to make him completely satisfied. Customer satisfaction should be our first priority…


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