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How does shipping and handling work in fiverr?


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I am curious.

I seen gigs that you can order jewelry and actual physical things.

How does S&H work? When the gig says $5 or $20 or whatever…does that include S&H?

I am in Canada. So if I order from a Canadian seller, I sort of see how $5-$12 could be enough. Even a seller from the USA.

However I seen sellers from Europe and Asia. I don’t see how $5 would cover the necklace or whatever AND S&H. I only ordered digital things so far

Will I get a bill for the S&H after I pay and order the gig?

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Those sellers who do not mention shipping and handling and are offering to send you something for only $5 should not be ordered from as it is obvious they can’t send it to you for such a small amount and they have no experience or ability to actually produce and ship a product to you. They are totally inept.

No you will not get a bill for the S and H after you pay. These sellers have not thought about how they will ship it to you, or how much it will cost, to the point that they do not even mention it in the gig. This means do not order from them.

If they had any common sense they would tell you about the shipping and handling in the gig description. But they don’t.

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