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Buyer is threatening me for a bad review even after a month


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a short story!
i had an order one month ago, i delivered it on time , the order auto completed because of his absence.
after a month he is back and telling me his company crashed down and now he do not need the work i did for him,
and asking for refund,
and in case if i do not do it, he is threatening me for a bad review,
can anyone tell me if i am able to refund him now?
also secondly ,
till how many days buyer is able to give a review?
or this review option is removed after specific time period?
please help me.
#review #buyer #super seller #faq #seller

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Your buyer has the option to leave a review for up to 30 days. I would suggest to contact Customer Support with screenshots that the buyer is threatening you with a neg. review.

The buyers business crashing and him no longer needing the work doesn’t have anything to do with your delivered work.

The rating should be based on the quality of work delivered and service provided only.

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