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How to get traffic on gig from twitter. Easiest method for getting order


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Hello guys i am waleed arshad and today i am going to tell you how to share your gig on twitter and get real traffic on your gig to improve your gig ranking on search filter.

Step 1) Open your twitter account by log in.

Step 2 ) Copy your gig url and make them short in length you can find many tool to shorten your url but the google shorten url is best one.

Step 3 ) copy the short url then click on tweet button on twitter and then write tweet with proper hashtags and always upload picture with your tweet it will bring more traffic and attract twitter audience on your tweet.

Check attached file to get idea how you can write good tweet.

i give you 100% guaranty that it will bring traffic to your gig. you can check your views and impression on your gig after this method. You can tweet your gig many time in a day but every time change your hashtage,

I hope this tipe will help you in getting orders

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