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The question you should be asking is, why should someone order from you? There are hundreds of gigs that day the user is an expert using white hat SEO. Some good things I see:

It’s good that you have a real profile pic that looks professional, although a smile would improve it. It’s good that you appear to have an honest profile with your real location. Your English is pretty clear and your gig description is well written.

Some things that may slow you down:

You have only 2 gigs and they look very similar to each other and to many other gigs. Since you only offer SEO and no other niches, that limits your pool of buyers. If you have any other skills or hobbies that might sell, try it out! If you don’t, try to find an idea that buyers might want but not many people are selling. Teach yourself a new skill or find a gimmick (look in the fun and bizarre category for gimmick ideas) and try it as a gig!

Buyers who want SEO have often been burned on Fiverr too. There are many dishonest sellers who offer fake or not traffic that does harm. You’ll have to offer buyers amazing deals at first to gain trust. You also have lots of competitors that are good at SEO. At first, you’ll have to win over customers in some way that makes them take a chance. You’ll have to be better, offer more, be cheaper, or find some other way to be different.

There are lots of websites and books that say Fiverr is an easy way to make money. They are wrong. It’s a lot of hard work. It can be done with patience and effort.

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