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How I get orders?


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Guest abdulsalamarain

Hi ,
I have reviewed your gigs and profile ,
It’s seems a lot of missing elements there ,

You must take care of these things .

  1. Use appropriate name for your gigs.
  2. for gig picture , you must add your best and attractive work (Your currently images are not that much attractive ) , that can attract buyers to you.
  3. Gigs description plays an important role in getting order , try to explain best in your gigs ( Your description is not mature ) , It should not be there that before leaving negative reviews , you can ask me for change , try to give them best.

Hope this will help to you.
Best of luck 🙂

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Try to figure out the timings when new buyer requests are generated.Send your offer to those who have less than 10 offers already.Carefully read the description of buyer that what exactly he wants and respond accordingly.

This will help attracting buyers to your gig.


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