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90% positive ratings!


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So far I have completed 2 orders.
One buyer did not rate my service, even after texting him several time.
The other one was a lady from Romania who gave me a 4.4 rating for helping her find her a domain name.
I gave her 50 very well researched domain names and she even admired that in her review. She also said I was very helpful and did my homework. However she needed a 4 word domain. I even told her that 4 words domains are not available. even domains like (ttte) which do not make any sense are not available , let alone those which make sense and are catchy.

Now the problem is that when ever I browse requests a message pops out saying that I should get at least a 90% rating before I apply for new requests.
Now if I am not allowed to apply for new requests how can I get a rating ?
Does this indirectly mean I should leave fiverr or may be take a fake paid review

Thanks in advane for helping

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It doesn’t mean either one, unless you just don’t want to keep going. If you get a paid fake review, you have a good chance of being banned, especially since you mentioned it on a forum where buyers and even Fiverr staff might see it and keep an eye on your account.

The first thing you could try is to ask the buyer if she would be willing to change or remove the review if you give her a refund. If you try that, be very polite, don’t beg or spam her, just explain that you are new and you’ve been penalized by getting a lesser review as your first one. If she says no, leave her be, though. When you are getting your first 10 reviews, sometimes free work is better than lower reviews. If she agrees to change it but it’s too late for her to edit, she’ll need to contact Customer Support and ask them to change or remove it.

Another option is to try marketing your gigs on social media and make offers that are amazing, even if you have to work hours for each sale. (You won’t do that forever, just until you get in a better position.)

Since you haven’t built your profile up much yet, you have one more good option. I recommend this highly for people who get an early 1-2 star review. For you, it’s just something to consider. You could ask Fiverr to close your account and let you make a new one to start over. Just don’t make a new one without permission since that is a Terms of Service violation.

Good luck.

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