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If you have this same issue, I can help!


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Hello fellow sellers.
Recently I had a “buyer” that purchased a $5 gig without contacting me first. Clearly in the description of the gig I wrote that they needed to “contact me before they purchased a gig.” I messaged him after he purchased and told him that it was worth another $5. After messaging him and kindly sending him another $5 offer, he didn’t respond. I tried this for around 2 weeks, and he still didn’t respond. I sent about 4 messages. It was also bringing down my delivery rates dramatically.

I finally figured that maybe if I contacted Fiverr Customer Support, they could cancel the order for me. I messaged them with my issue and about 7 screenshots of the situation. A day later, they canceled the order with a kind message attached.

So, if you have the same issue, I highly suggest you contact Customer Support with screenshots of the conversation. And tell them your issue, with as much description as possible.

Hope this helps any of you with the same/similar issues! Leave any feedback, or how you solved one of your issues below! 🙂

CONTACT Fivver Customer Support here: http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


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I’m wondering why you did not send the buyer a request to mutually cancel, before the deadline? That way, the literal clock would stop ticking/ there would be no delivery, so no late delivery rate / if they got lost in the forest somewhere, and didn’t respond to you in any way (including the mutual cancellation - correct me if I’m wrong), it would be considered automatically cancelled within a few days.
CS are wonderful, but sometimes it takes a few days to get an answer, + more time to resolve the issue.

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