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I m new here so can you check my gig out and say what to Improve


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Dear Damir:

I took a look at your profile. Here are my thoughts:

  • Your log line:
    This is a slogan that goes under your user name. You don’t have one. You should get one.

*Your profile image:

This seems fine.

  • Your profile text:

Hello, my name is Damir and I can do your jobs in 20 mins. I m from Bosnia and my life is really boring and I sit on my pc doing a lot of stupid things so I started this to get some money so I can travel around the world and see some really cool places I hope that you will hire me to do your job.

Your goal here is to make the Buyer feel they know, like, and trust you. I suggest editing this to create a more personal connection. There is no room for words like “boring,” “stupid,” and “I started this to get some money.”

You only have one gig. I suggest you add more.

Here’s a checklist to help you improve your gigs.

Good luck,

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