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How to get first customer on fiverr


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Hey there,

Hope you’re doin well. I’m also a newbie but i’m going to give you some tips:

  1. Use your buyer request carefully. Read the description carefully then apply. Be careful about your bidding amount and delivery time.

  2. Use attractive images on your gig gallery. because it attracts buyer easily.

  3. keep your gig title and description unique and clean. describe your services smartly and don’t promise anything that you can’t deliver.

  4. Choose relevant categories and tags that match your gig criteria.

  5. Do some social media marketing through facebook and

REMEMBER 1 Thing: Honesty is the best policy. And always be polite to your clients.

Note: sorry for my bad English.

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Sometimes it is easy and simetimes difficult to get first order. The main reason behind is what service or services you are gonna provide. Make sure you do something unique. Also make your profile and gigs description caching one so at first look buyer should be attracted to your service you are providing. If you deliver your first order with more than quality work and in time, reviews can add up in getting more orders. You can also send offers to buyers in Buyer request section of Fiverr where buyers post their requests. You can send 10 offers a day. Utilize all of them and good results can come.

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