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What made you choose Fiverr & Why? + What do you want improved?

Guest swifteduk

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We chose Fiverr.com because it is EXTREMELY easy to use! Other sites we tried previously were overdeveloped and cumbersome. Many required you to list a formal resume with references and used only profile photos and not videos. They would take an eternity to set up and often you had to go and “apply” for a GIG, as opposed to having clients come to you. (I’m not talking about fiverr clones either - we think they are garbage and won’t check out sites based on the fiverr platform)

Fiverr appeals to both the buyers and the sellers, with an easy to navigate interface and extremely simple process. For buyers, you look - you like - you buy! For sellers, you create - you promote - you sell! It’s really that simple!

Fiverr also seems geared more towards the creative services. Many of the other sites seem to be geared towards personal assistants, administrative, writing or programming jobs.

Our GIGs are mainly creative works in audio and advertising services, so Fiverr is great for us! Our popular jingle GIG is currently suspended, pending a video rework and description update, but will be back online next week!

For anyone we speak with looking for a great opportunity online, Fiverr is the only site we recommend and often show them our profiles, money made and how the site works in an effort to get them onboard!

I’m sure there are room for improvements, but I can’t think of much at this moment. Maybe a new user referral fee for any new registered seller who mentions another current seller when they sign up! After the new user completes their first 10 GIGs, the person who referred them can get a $5 deposit?! Now that would be cool!

Rock on!



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Although I’m new to this site, but I’ve been in here for a while to realize that it’s a flexible site, it’s open to creativity and that’s something very hard to find in other websites.

not to mention the community has a friendly vibe to it, as far as i noticed.

as for improvements. Well, once again i’m still new here so i can’t really pin point anything in mind.


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