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My gig is not found in search results?


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I don’t understand what this email means and why my listings does not show up in search results? Please check email

“HI there,
Our Editorial Team has reviewed your Gig and unfortunately, since it is not in our editorial focus and guidelines, it will not show up in our search results.
Since this gig will not be appearing in search, what I can advise you is to try to create new Gigs. Try creating new, unique, different and fun Gigs, something that will stand out from the others. Take a look at other user’s Gigs and get a sense of what they are offering and what factor they have that draws attention to their profiles. I can provide you with a couple of useful links to help you create a Gig that will get the attention of many buyers:”

What do i need to make my listing show up on fiverr search.

here is a link to my listing:


Please let me know what is wrong with it and what i can do so that it can be found in search results. Thank you.

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It can take up to a week for your gig to be indexed. Give it time. If it’s been longer than a week and you’re still not finding yourself in search results, then you can contact customer support. Don’t contact them sooner than at least a week, though, because if you do they’ll tell you what I just told you: “It can take up to a week. So come back later.” If it’s been longer than a week and your gig still isn’t showing in search results, then the problem might be that your gig is outside of Fiverr’s “editorial focus,” or in other words, they’re happy to let you use their platform to process sales, but they’re not going to do any advertising for you because they’re concerned that what you’re offering is in a grey area for their terms of service. This is most often the case when a seller’s gig may potentially go against a third party’s terms of service.

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