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Not contacting outside Fiverr


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So there is a rule somewhere on the site that sellers and buyers are not supposed to contact each other outside Fiverr as it is against the TOS (or something like that).

There are gigs that are…

“advertise on my popular blog/podcast/radio show/website/etc…”
“I’ll write about your product on my blog/youtube show/etc…”.

So how can I be sure I/my company/etc…are being advertised/mentioned on the podcast/radio show/blog without asking the seller for the web address of the blog/podcast/etc…?

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not that I want to contact them outside Fiverr, just that I want to know they did mention me/my company/whatever agreed for the gig on the podcast.

If I ask you to do a logo for my company, I will get a file. If I ask you to do the intro/outro of my own podcast, I get an .mp3/.wav file…and so forth.

I was just curious about the “I’ll mention you/your company/your event” on my podcast/radio/outside fiverr type gigs.

Thank You for your reply.

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