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3 Things You Need To Know Before Promoting Your Gigs


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Probably you have read hundreds of posts where you’re highly recommended to put your gig’s url on some social websites, such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, and so on. Yeah, you really should promote your gig over the internet. But have you ever asked yourself what you’re going to have by promoting your gigs?

Well, let me help you to know what you’re going to have by spending your valuable hours in promoting your fiverr gigs.

Promoting your gigs will bring you millions of views and clicks in your gigs, right? When you promote your gig in online, lots of people are going to click on your given url. And you know a simple click will bring them in your profile.

So promoting gigs will just bring people into your profile. But what do you actually need? Loads of people or loads of orders? Of course, you need orders. So to make sales by promoting you need to have the following things. Because when you have the following things, people will feel confident about you and your service, means they are going to purchase your service.

Write A Convincing Bio:

How did you write your profile description? Have you invested your minutes in writing an appealing bio? Well, most of us don’t actually give it a damn. And that’s why a buyer also gives us no damn.
So try to write a professional profile description that highlights why you’re a knowledgeable one. Remember, you will have only 200 characters, so try to be clear and concise.

Complete Your Profile:

Is your fiverr profile linked to your linkedin account? Have you linked your facebook profile? Well, then it’s time to do so. Just go and make your profile 100% completed by adding your social accounts. And, don’t forget to link your Google+.

Download a photo editor app:

Did you know when a buyer logs into fiverr he starts searching for a gig at a turbo speed? And do you know what makes them stop? Answer: Photo. If your gig has an eye balls catching photo, the buyers will surely check out your gig. And you know Click = Order. So try to use a nice photo for your gig.

Where to get one???

  1. Download a photo from google.
  2. Download a photo editor from playstore
  3. Now edit the photo so it looks more gorgeous. This way you can also make it royalty free.

You can check out my gig’s photos to know how I designed a great photo for my gig. Just click on my gigs and you will find them. And always try to use minimum two photos in your gig.

Starting a successful fiverr business is an uphill task. So keep calm and go on. Best of luck.

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Oi. Well. Here we are again. You and that photo thing. I commented on it last time and I’m going to comment here again.

Editing a photo does NOT make it royalty free. This is the same way in that replacing the binding a book doesn’t make you the author.

Use free-use (creative commons, purchased, picture-you-took-yourself) pictures and NOT something you downloaded from a google search. That’s plagiarism. I don’t care if you put a filter on it. I don’t care if you paint it blue. It isn’t your photo and you’re lowering the standards of Fiverr by using material that is NOT yours.

How is a buyer supposed to trust that your work is original if you steal photos? Perhaps you borrow articles or blog posts without asking, too. Sure, you’ve changed a word here or there, but it’s still NOT YOURS. It’s plagiarism, plain and simple.

Your other tips are fine, the same as your other post… but you just don’t understand the concept of not stealing other’s photographic skills, man. Stop. don’t do it. Don’t suggest others do it. Help build Fiverr up, don’t drag it down – we have enough spammers and trolls for that already.

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Downloading a Photo App to edit a photo does NOT make the photo yours. You’re missing every comparison I make on the subject, and I assume you must be doing so intentionally because the concept is quite easy to grasp… if you didn’t make the original piece, don’t use it. Done.

If I take an article you wrote and put my name on it in my document editor, is the article mine? Can I use it freely? NO. I can turn the font blue, make it a different size, or even a different font – but the writing isn’t mine so I still can’t use it. As a writer, I hope you understand this comparison… otherwise, I worry about the originality of the work you produce.

All you need to do to make your tips clear and safe is to say “download a free-use photo from google.”

That’s it. One itty-bitty phrase makes it all better. It won’t sway new sellers to steal the work of others and it’s the simplest change you can make.

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