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I'm finally Fiverr'ing


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Hello. My name is Sean. I signed up here a couple years ago but never got around to really getting serious about being here until now. I work full time as a Sys Admin by day. In my spare time I’m busy being engaged to my fiancee and planning our wedding and was trying to think of ways to make more money on the side. I have all these perfectly good skills that I would love to put to use and see if I can make a few dollars on the side. I do Photoshop editing, I record my podcast (although I’ve been lagging on that lately but I’ll start back up soon), I do plenty of social media, some web design (Wordpress and/or HTML5/CS3), I support the technology needs of my coworkers and family/friends, I do creative writing, I blog, I take photos and do video editing. I love doing all of it. Actually I do it all as a hobby even without being paid. But seeing if I could make some money at it wouldn’t be bad either. Anyway, just thought I’d share. I saw this forum and felt like seeing if I could dip my feet in and say hello.

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