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3 Best Ways You Can have much orders


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If you are looking for an article that replies to your question How to increase my fiverr sales, then you have got the right one. This article will show you the best ways you can multiply your fiverr earnings. So let’s go ahead and find out the magical ways you can increase your sales on fiverr.

Complete Your Profile

Did you know that profiles that are 100% completed are favored by Fiverr algorithm system? If you take a look at the Top Rated Sellers profile, you will surely find that their profiles are 100% completed. And that’s the key that made the wonder for their business. You might be surprised to know that sellers with 100% completed profiles are always loved by the fiverr. And being loved by fiverr means your gigs will be published on home page that means you will have more sales. So make your profile 100% completed to increase your sales.

Promote Your Gig

Promoting is one among the best ways you can increase your fiverr sales. You will find so many ways to promote your fiverr gigs but the best one is to use Google +. If you want to make sales by promoting gig, you should use Google+. Well, probably you are thinking about Facebook and other forums, right? Well, promoting in these social sites may increase your gig’s views but not your sales. So try to promote on Google + as it is loaded with likeminded people.

Write A Professional Description

Have you ever asked yourself why your gigs views are 300+ but sales are only 15? Well, let me help you to get the answer. As your gig’s Views are increasing every day so obviously new buyers are checking out your gigs. But why those new buyers leave your gig without making any order?
Answer is you’re failed to convince them. On fiverr you cannot talk to a buyer, so the one and only way you can convince a buyer is your writing. You should write your gig description in a professional way so it can convince a buyer, talk to a client, appeal to the buyer.

How Can I Make My Gig More Appealing? Check out the following points

  1. Use a Quote in your description. For example, if you are a transcriber, you can use this quote “Transcribing is the painting of voice”. Using quote will make you different than others and make a positive impression.
  2. Use SEO words in your description
  3. Explain your service. Explain why you are better than other. Why they should order your gig.
  4. If you have any extra service, mention it clearly.
  5. Don’t use too much Bold lines.
  6. Use some promising lines just at the bottom of your description. It will give your buyer a feel of confidence.
    However, you can also check out my gig to know how I’ve made use of some promising lines in my gig description. Just go to my profile and you’ll find my money-making gigs.

So, now you have got it, ways to increase fiverr sales. Just make proper use of them and keep searching for smart ways. But please be reminded that your gig description is the most important thing that can make you a hero or a zero. So spend times in developing it.

Best Of Luck.

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