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My first gig ! Is everything alright with this gig?


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Some of the grammar is off in both your profile and in the gig. Here’s what your profile is now:
“I am deepanshu, works for JumpStart, Founded in 2016, I am here to provide a tailored and professional web development and security related solutions. I am here for you 16/7. Dont’t hesitate to contact, I am very cool and friendly :D”

And here’s what a more professional one would look like:
“I am Deepanshu, current employee of JumpStart which was founded in 2016. I am an expert in professional customized web development and web security solutions. I work around-the-clock to meet your needs. Inbox me with questions or to say hello!”

Taking time to make the text of your gigs and profile more professional will make a positive first impression to your customers.

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Hello deepanshu,

At first, welcome and wish you a great success in fiverr.

Try to add attractive and unique designed images regarding your service.

If possible, add a video explaining your service and add it to your gig.

You have to improve your gig description.

Search on fiverr using related terms and generate idea from market dominating gigs in your service section.

Then,decorate your gig description and titles.

After finishing all,start replying to buyer requests and add your previous work sample in replies.

Be active on social medias and find out who are your targeted audiences. Reach them and tell about your service professionally.

Start Doing. Work Hard,you will get the path of success very soon 🙂


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