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How can Fiverr protect us from this kind of Buyer?!


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I have a Buyer who contact me first about his job requirement.

He send message first before he order asking if I can do the job he want.

He gave me a small quality picture drawing of a girl (338x450 px 72 DPI) and asking me to make it 8 feet high print ready (about 20K + px 300 DPI). Then I said, please do not order yet, I will work on the picture now and will send it to you and confirm if he wants it.

After I have done the job and make it 8 feet high, I send it to him with watermarks. I tell him “that’s the only quality I can give you out of your picture”, if you want it, place an order, if not, no problem just do not make order. I also tell him that I can only give you JPG.

So he make order and he wants it. He made order + extras for total of $15.

I have send the picture to him in about 1 hour without watermarks of course and after 10 hours, he message me asking for refund simply because “he don’t want the quality”.

What a waste-of-time customer -_-

My point is - I already showed him how the image will look like just before he place an order but he still do order.

The image is not really far from the original as in Photoshop 6 extended, you can make smaller image bigger without getting it blurred. It really look the same as the original but as the image is get bigger, the pixels where really visible to the eye.

It is okay to refund if I will not get negative impression by Fiverr system. But as we all know, mutual cancellation give us negative effect.

So how Fiverr can help us with such kind of Buyer?

  • I will disclose his name here if you ask for it so you can be aware of him.
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I really feel fiverr should also have equal buyer-seller protection and in this case I can tell that the mutual cancellation is going to affect sellers indirectly which is really bad. I had an order one day ago but he did not updated the buyer requirement so the order is not active. just found out that he is has just joined fiverr one day ago and probably he accidentally clicked on my gig. So I guess when I cancel the order, my cancellation rate is going to shoot from 5 to may be 6%

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You may have to put this in your tool box as a " Teaching Moment". Don’t feel bad, I remember this one time ( not on Fivver ), I had written… I think it was 15 articles for someone. They never did pay up. It was very… let say… a spasm moment for me. I can imagine what it must be like in the art and photography department. Wow!

Really there aren’t too many ways for fail-safes of what I would like to call " Theft" because that what it is. There are other sites in which this type of problem occurs often. I guess for now on, what ever finished products you have, always put a watermark on it or some kind of security device that prevents such things from happening. I would never in a 1,000 years do something like that to a fellow Artist, it disturbs me someone would do that but our world isn’t all that great in terms of some of the people that inhabit it.

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