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My first year on Fiverr: tips and encouragement!


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Hello, everyone!

My name is Fabi. I’m a young architect with an office job that works as a freelance artist and illustrator by night. This site has been such a positive influence on my art and has helped me build up my confidence with the services I’m offering.

I wanted to share my gratitude with a few tips that have worked for me:

  1. Thank your buyer for purchasing your gig and explain how you will proceed.
  2. Be realistic with your delivery times. At first, I was scared to set 7 days as my average delivery time, but it picked up as soon as people starting noticing that it was worth it.
  3. A good thing to do is to always keep the buyers engaged with the process. I would send them sketches and color palettes in the span of those days (also, this was really helpful to avoid revisions after the delivery!).
    4, Take your time to layout a clear requeriments page. My first requeriment is to always ask the buyers to confirm the package they’ve purchased. This has saved me from so many misunderstandings and it actually made the buyers read the package descriptions before ordering!

I hope these help!

Right now I’m about to go on my first vacation, thanks to all this work. I hope Fiverr lets you grow too!


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