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A Reminder to Myself


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#1: Stay away from the news cycle, TV debates, politics, Twitter, etc.

#2: Stay away from naysayers, negative people or those who pull you down or doubt you, even if they are close relatives or friends.

#3: Don’t try to justify yourself, don’t argue even if you are right, just walk away.

#4: Exercise for at least 45 minutes a day - a combination of cardio and strength training.

#5: There will always be people who won’t like you, think the worst of you. It’s okay. Don’t let that affect you. Just ignore them.

#6: The past is over. Forget it. Live in the present and live in the “Now”. Don’t think or worry about the future. Just live for Today. Take everything on a day-to-day basis. Do your best for today.

#7: Don’t worry about the country. Don’t worry about your people (Indians) and their decisions. Stop thinking or worrying about things that you cannot control. We all face the consequences of our actions or inaction, good or bad. Whatever has to happen will happen.

That’s it.

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Nice. It is so similar to what I remind myself. There are few more things that I would like to share:

Do not stereotype.

Do not advise until asked.

Do not worry even about yourself. Where is a will, there is definitely a way. Just keep doing your work. You can not stop people from worrying about you even if they are very close to you. Let them worry and be cool. May be worrying is their way of life.

Do not try to prove/justify yourself in front of anyone who criticizes you. You are not in the world to satisfy every person’s expectations. Take pride in your work and let nobody devalue you.

PS: Indians can very well relate to this. It might sound hilarious to others.

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These are good reminders for us all, and they help keep us out of snares we create for ourselves. You are good at expressing yourself to yourself (hehe) being a good writer. If you don’t already do it, you should try a journal and also you can look back to see if your “down” days match a day that you ignored your own reminder!

Plus, in a journal you don’t get auto-redacted or or have to deal with some people giving you crap, some people being nice, some people getting mad. You also don’t have to be concerned someone will hurt your feelings or even if you have thick skin, that you could hurt someone else’s. Lots of good in that! I don’t do it as much as I should either, but I’ll call this a comment to you and to myself to journal!

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