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Making announcements to gig buyers

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Being able to make an announcement to gig buyers rather than updating a gig description, would be nice.

What I mean by this and I am sure high volume sellers will agree, it can sometimes get overwhelming having to respond to everyone individually if there is a change made, or you won’t be able to deliver a given gig until a certain date. Of course it says “estimated gig delivery” date which you set, but sometimes we go on vacation, or sometimes it’s easier to let buyers know about other things, too.

Some examples,

Announcing that you’re sick and won’t be able to deliver the gig until a certain date(within your gig delivery time)

Changes made or encouragement to consider a given extra to get an extra “oomph” to the individuals gig order.

Attaching some kind of standard message or clarification of the gig beyond that of instructions that buyers may or may not need to know depending on how custom a request the given order is.

Just a thought, hope this is clear.

I am thinking something like this could be added in the “manage gigs” area like. “make an announcement” or something along those lines. Even if it’s only a 1 to 2-liner would be helpful.


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