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Hitting $3,000 Mark - I promoted my Gig's outside Fiverr


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I’ll be hitting $3,000 mark soon (waiting for funds to get cleared). it has been almost 3 years and Lovely ride. Only had one negative review from a buyer who tried to steal the work and stop paying.

I did Gigs, from $5 to $290 per Gig. Lot of up and downs in sales.
It doesn’t matter how genuine is your work, Fiverr still give chance to Sellers with high income.

I think, if you want constant sales, you should promote your gigs out side Fiverr. I started promoting Gigs outside Fiverr last month and Since then I earned 3 X $250 sales.

Try it and see…

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I guess your post isn’t about promoting gigs outside Fiverr, but about showing off. Who cares how much you do per sale ? If you make money this way it is cool, I am happy for you, but don’t act like it is the first time you earn this kind of amount. I truly doubt about your skills bro, you are a SEO/Consultant/Whatsoever and you have only started promoting outside Fiverr about a month ago, you just made my day 🙂 With all these oversatured competition, who still wants to promote inside Fiverr ?

PS : If you want to promote your gig outside Fiverr, please don’t do it inside Fiverr sellers groups on Facebook… That’s beyond ridiculous…

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Thats great … mine is s 1975$ highest . You know that from 3 months fiverr having traffic issues so thats why sales drops . I recently achieved 21K$+ milestone . May be you check my new post in stories section . Trying my best . To be honest can you believe me, from almost 3 years i never ever share a single gig or after completing the order we receive social share option i never use that too . I never paste my gig link at any social media till now . So all the traffic is through fiverr which is i am very thankful. Now i am hoping for TRS . but as per my observation if a seller cross more than 35+k$ earning or 40K$ then editor staff thinks for him. Because no competition is very high . What do u think bro ? what was your sale at that time when u were consider as top rated seller . Mean total earned value i know its just little awkward to ask but i read your articles last year in which u share your revenue . Best wishes for you

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You are asking the wrong question… It is not a “where”, but a “how” you should ask yourself. Remember, when it comes to make money online, free advice and tips are given away only to keep you away from what really works out.

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Guest webexpert1313

Absolutely Sure, I will promote our gigs out side Fiverr. I am waiting to see results and Hope Fiverr help me to grow 🙂

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I’ve started doing Fiverr on January 2013, I’ve earned $39,814.3 as of this moment. I can’t recall my highest sale, my best day was $172 from maybe 15 orders. Ironically, later on I suffered a $45 and a $10 cancellation. So I would have made $216 if it wasn’t for those ungrateful pirates.

Elevation to TRS doesn’t have to do with earnings but with the quality of your gigs, great customer service, and the potential to represent Fiverr well. Fiverr puts their reputation on the line with every TRS, and there are people that have been demoted from TRS status. I myself had to change the way I speak to customers to stop getting account warnings and threats. It wasn’t easy, but Fiverr taught me how to be professional.

Of course, there are days that some of my customers remind me of the bad old days of having a boss and dealing with coworkers. But at least now I don’t react badly.

Competition is high, but if you are designing Professional wordpress Website with Blog then I don’t see why your gig shouldn’t become a featured gig, or why you can’t become a TRS.

Of course, your prices are steep, which might make an editor reconsider. But if you’re making the money you say you’re making, I wouldn’t change a thing. Because in the end, that’s what matters.

P.S. I don’t remember how much I was making when I became TRS. I do know that sometimes I made more as a level 2 than I do now, while other times I make more as TRS. It really varies.

The most important sections of Fiverr are Relevance and Avg. Customer Reviews. The second one is more important because people like to follow people.

My Brand name gig used to be in the 1-4 row of Avg. Customer Review, but then it went away. Now I’m 4th in relevance, and that helps me get orders but not as much as being in rows 1-2.

I do have the advantage that when people click “Top Rated Seller,” I only have two competitors, but not everyone clicks that, and there are many jealous sellers defaming TRS sellers on the forum.

I’ve seen comments about us TRS being lazy, about not being as good as level 2, about how others do more for less, etc. Maybe this is why they say that getting to the top isn’t the hardest part, but staying on top is.

In the end, the only thing that matters is money. If you’re making it, you won’t care what level you are.

Good luck.

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