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Reported People Get My Response Reputation Down


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I been on fiverr for very long time since 2011, and recently for past 4-5 months I noticed something strange.
I usually respond to inbox questions within 24hrs mostly between 1minute to 3hrs. My stats were all 100%. Few days ago I got a message from someone and by the time I wanted to see what the guy said, he was already been blocked by fiverr staff (probably for spamming people) interesting enough since that day my reputation is now at 96% for response time. Sure it will go up back to 100% but question is: What does fiverr expect us to do? Be on fiverr 24/7 and respond to each message within 1hr? According to their page it says reputation stays if you respond within 24hrs , well let me tell you thats not true… Anyway, what is fiverr doing for those that get reported before we even have a chance to respond to (because they are being blocked) ? Why should our ‘rank’ suffer for bug like that?

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