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Is there a way of reporting or blocking someone?


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So here’s the thing… I’ve received a message from a girl saying she wanted to order a couple of gigs (didn’t mentioned exactly what she wanted) so I’ve asked her how could I may help and she started hitting on me out of nowhere. I’ve searched for block and report buttons, but couldn’t find any, she kept saying that she’s curious about women and want me to provoke her so she will be able to know if she’s into women for real.

I told her I couldn’t help and she said that if I’ve done what she proposed she would have ordered a couple of gigs and would have recommended me to other people…

Really fiverr?? There’s no way of blocking someone in here? I have an actual gig than I’m working in at the moment and when I think someone may need to order a new gig they are just playing around, it’s about time to start giving sellers a little be of protection. Is there anyone who went through something similar to this?

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