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Not getting any order


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Hello fiverr community,

Its been 2 weeks since i joined fiverr but till now i didn’t recieved some orders. I don’t know the reason why i didn’t recieve orders inspite of the fact that i am professionally capable of providing services which is being offered by me. I already responded to around 30 request but none of them revert back.
Can anyone suggest me something as to how i can get some orders??

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Hi 🙂 Ok so here are a few tips
1)I recommend hiring a writer/editor to rewrite your profile + gig descriptions, and change the layout a little. This is so important.
2) If you can, change your delivery dates to the lowest number of days possible for you (at least in the beginning, while you still are a new seller here).
3) After all that, patience - it can take some people months to get their first order.

Hugs, May

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Thank you May for the suggestions, but my services are of that kind which normally take times and it may vary from buyer to buyer and also i don’t want to let any buyer down by not completing thier work on time as for me commitment is at top priority, thats why my delivery dates is that. I will definetly change the layout of my gig.

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hi 🙂
(Not my intention to criticize, just want to help you succeed)
a few things -
First, there are inconsistencies. For example, your pro offers 3500 words, while below where it says “words included,” you typed 700. Another example is that in the desc you wrote “i will deliver within 1 day max,” while in the packages, the delivery time for 2 of the packages - 2-3 days.

Second, are the typos with capital letters , space between punctuation marks, etc.

Third, and I don’t know if everyone would agree with me on this, but the pic you have is not personal. If you don’t have an idea for a good unique photo, I would use your profile pic for the gig photo as well.
And since you are brand new on this site, I def recommend a video introduction. What you offer is “unique writing,” so in my opinion, show your unique and friendly personality.
It’s just hard to get customers when they don’t see reviews or who is behind the gig.

Best of luck 🙂 🙂 May.

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