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A funny encounter I had with a client


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Hello Fiverr Colleagues,

While working on one of my orders today, I remembered something that happened to me a year ago.

I have been on fiverr for almost 2 years now and I create professional custom whiteboard animations.

There was a client that contacted me to create a video for her including a script. Usually my videos take about 6 - 9 days but she needed it in 48hours (which I have the ability to do). She had a deadline and she was very particular about meeting the deadline and wanted a high quality video in a short time. So I decided to help her ( I replied her initial message almost immediately she sent it). She provided all the information and at that time, I told her to pay $200 dollars for the project and she did. It took 20mins from her initial contact till negotiation till the project began. I immediately started working and within 12 hours her script was ready. I sent her the script to review while I had already started creating the illustrations. ( I was going to illustrate her as a character in the video too). I had done most of the work when I received a notification of mutual cancellation.

I was extremely surprised. She wrote me a long message that I cheated her because all the offers she received after then were 20 - 120 dollars and she took mine before realising there were cheaper options. This really hurt me.

I explained to her that I had already done alot of work on her project but she refused. She was really upset and wanted to cancel. I agreed to cancel and majorly because if eventually went ahead she will probably give a very bad review.

However I left her 3 very long and explanatory notes before cancellation. I made her realise most of the sellers were offering her whiteboard animations created with library images and even though some were great, they probably will not explain the ideas the way a custom drawn animation will. I also sent her various samples and told her I will make the animation for 150 dollars just to prove my point if she was interested. Then I accepted the cancellation.

After about 10hours. She asked to send her a new custom order. I did even though I knew it was a big risk but I wanted to prove a point. Usually I charged 300dollars to get videos delivered within 3 days including voiceovers and script.

Anyway, I worked round the clock and delivered the video within the remaining 24 hours. She was so impressed that she gave me a tip to meet up my previous $200 dollars and also apologised for her ignorance. She was extremely happy as it was beyond what she thought she will get.

I have had really interesting stories working on Fiverr and I will share more whenever I remember.

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"She was so impressed that she gave me a tip to meet up my previous $200 dollars and also apologized for her ignorance."
Wow, how often does that happen?? Good for you!
I’ve had experiences like this every now and then,most of the time
when I charge a certain amount they whine and complain, saying they will ask another person
who will do the work cheaper, I say go ahead, and then days later they come back, still
somewhat reluctant to pay the price I offered…and in the end they are usually happy.
They do say thank you, but almost none of them said sorry for whining!

I’m glad everything worked out for you! 😃

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