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Improve My Gigs page


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Could something be done to improve the layout of the My Gigs page. This is essentially an Analytics report.

Clicking a gig title reveals settings about “limit orders in queue” and “activate watermark”.
These are gig properties not analytics related and are accompanied by long repetitive instructions that get in the way of the data and charts.

These settings logically belong inside the gig edit pages (if you want to activate them on a gig by gig basis) or as an overall account setting (if you want to all your gigs to behave in the same way). And the instructions need the ability to be dismissed or only appear as rollovers or tooltips. They occupy too much space in the report.

Having this information within the analytics section is cumbersome and makes scanning through the data a long and tedious process. Having click and reveal sections, plus so many dropdowns make it a UX and UI nightmare.

Including settings in this section just adds to the incredibly poor usability.

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