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Not get any order or any message from amy buyer


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I am new seller also started this account from last month 15 June 2016 but not get any order or message from any client . Can you help me few tips and tricks for this . I am really disappointed from this . No message from any client . Please give me few tricks .
Where is my mistake ???

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Guest ralucamath

It is not a mistake. You just need TO have patience. The beginning is always hard. Try to stay always online and in this case, you have to download the Fiverr app and let the app open. The pottential customers will aproach you. Also, Be Nice. You can try promoting your gig on the social Media.

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Hi belalkhan,

I agree with the others that it does take patience! Raluca’s advice is also pretty good (about the app and social media). In my experience, getting the first order is the most difficult. Once you have earned your first positive review, it will get easier. But it might still take time.

What you can do meanwhile:

  1. Look into the buyer’s requests section (Menu > Selling > Buyer requests) and contact those buyers. Ask what they need and when they need it. Try to think from their perspective. Why should they trust you with the job? What concerns could they have?
    In my experience, for many people trust is more important than money. You can gain trust through diligent communication, but also by showcasing what you have already done. For example, showing examples of what you helped create (e.g. screenshots of websites) would be more convincing than saying something general like “I have X years of experience in Y; just trust me on that!”

  2. Check after a while whether your Gigs are getting any views (Impressions). You can see that under Selling > My Gigs.

If your Gigs are not getting any views, that could mean that either there is no interest in this type of Gigs at the moment, or that people struggle finding your Gig. In the first case, you just need patience, and you can keep coming up with different Gigs (and repeating Step 1). In the second case, you might want to check your hashtags and description so that they reflect what people could be looking for. As a number of hashtags is limited, make sure you include the best ones (e.g. maybe having “Wordpress” and “installation” as two hashtags is more efficient than one?). Learn from the better sellers and their gig descriptions.

If your Gigs are getting views, but no orders, you need to ask yourself why. Maybe there is something unclear in your Gig description? Maybe you need to be more specific about your service or how to contact you? Maybe a typo sneaked into your Gig description that undermines the quality of your work? Or maybe there is simply a better offer on the market? Which brings me to the next point…

  1. Monitor similar Gigs. This is really important. Don’t compete with someone who offers the same service and already has earned some positive reviews. Instead, try to find what makes your service unique, different or better. Try to provide better value or better experience.

And most of all, don’t get discouraged! Here’s my story (the tips above are based on it): Although I made my account in November, I only created my first Gigs in spring. I was really excited, because there were lots of people offering various translations between different languages, but nobody was offering German<>Polish or Dutch<>Polish. So, my Gigs were up, but I didn’t promote them really. Rather, I waited until buyers messaged me. I didn’t get any orders for weeks, although people would ask me regularly how much certain jobs would cost them. At one moment, even these questions stopped. That’s when I found out that a more qualified seller started offering the same service. Based on his offer, I adjusted my German Gig, but also shifted my focus to the other Gig (Dutch <> Polish) which is my strongest language pair.

My first orders came from clients who needed the service; I didn’t have to do anything (=patience). My biggest order came from a response to a buyer’s request (=Step 1).

I don’t know whether you aim to make Fiverr your main income source or how much time you want to devote into promoting your Gigs and business on Fiverr, but I hope somehow my message helps you and any subsequent new sellers.


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