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How to promote My fiverr gigs?

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Hey benjamin_kong, you can promote your fiverr gigs both internally and externally.

To promote your fiverr gigs internally, the most important thing is to make sure you use the right tags. Make sure your tags correspond with what your gig offer. Thia is what will enhance your visibility in search results.

Another very important thing is your gig images. Never use images that does not correspond with what you are selling. Using your normal personal portrait as gig images is not advisable unless you are offering a gig that deals with photography. I see a lot of sellers make that mistake on fiverr.

Also, make sure some important keywords about what you are selling reflect in your gig title.

Stress your adjectives by writing one of them in block letters.

Now, to promote your gigs externally, you may choose to use facebook, twitter and some other social sites. But your best bet is to open a free blog for your gig, promote traffic to your blog by buying a few traffic and SEO gigs from other fiverr sellers at a miserly $5, and then promote your gigs to your blog followers.

There are actually a lot of ways to promote your gigs, but if you implement these fews for a start, you will definitely have a testimony 🙂

I hope this answers your question. Happy gigging :).

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