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Never see Promotion Like this In fiverr and i not received order


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It’s 2016, I doubt there’s much value in email lists because of the spam folders and everything else that prevents most junk mails to go through. Perhaps if you introduced something like a social media list, with twitter handles category specific, OR a list with more contact info, there might be more value.

Just my opinion.


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There are no delivery specs.
SPAM is serious and if your list is less than 99.995% deliverable the list is useless to me. I can send out say 300,000 emails a month (in my email comapny that is the limit) but if more than .05% come back as spam complaints or more than .5% is hard bounced then I am sanctioned (my email outgoing privilege is reduced, sometimes dramatically) I cannot take a chance on your list not being clean and putting me out of business for a week or more.


If your list was sortable by country even if not by other info ti would have more value to me. I need USA only because I cannot ship my product out of the country.

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