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How i get my funds from banned account ?fiverr do not reply me


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Hello everyone !
I joined fiverr a year ago as a graphics designer and developer . After 9 months payoneer team blocked my card With undisclosed reasons. I have requested many times to unblock my card but the only one response that I got " we are not be able to provide you any services " so I stop requesting them and after the 2 months when I had a lot of cleared funds in fiverr I request to fiverr that please remove my previous card and let me add new one . And they replied me that " we are looking into your account please calm" . .and . 2 or 3 more times I received same response " we are looking into your account please calm".
after some days I had got an email from fiverr Customer Support:
Your account is permanently disabled from our security department after the safe period of 45 days you can withdrawal your any kind of funds .
So I have contacted the team of fiverr exactly after the 45 days and then they required some useful information about my account for ownership verification:

1 Scan copy of national id card
2 picture of you holding national id card .
3 security question
4 funding source id ( payee id )

So I have submitted all the required detail except funding source id . because my payoneer account was already blocked before the fiverr … so i was unable to log in to my account. I contacted the fiverr team about it and they said me that we are unable to move forward for further assistance without it … I have also ask the payoneer about it but they also said the same thing as fiverr . So after the lots of messages and requests one of the team member of fiverr Customer Support said me that please provide us the email associated with payoneer as well as last 4 digits of payoneer card so I have provided but after that message I did not received any kind of response from fiverr a month ago so please help me how I take my money from my account it has balance of 4500$ .

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