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How to search tags


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Hello, I am new here. I am facing some difficulties such as its been one and half months gone and still now I haven’t got any order. Is there any technique to choose tags for gig? Or as I want to serve Graphics work and mostly print related work like flyer, brochure and so on. Could you suggest me what should be the perfect tags for this service.
Thanks in advance.

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Dear Itbaazarbd:

If you’re unable to find tags on your own, I’d recommend that you take advantage of the gigs on Fiverr that offer to find tags for you. Also, you can search YouTube for tutorials on finding useful tags.

In addition, I’d suggest that you take steps to promote your gigs outside of Fiverr. Fiverrcast episode 24 with Professor Puppet has some excellent suggestions on ways to cross-promote your gigs using YouTube, Twitter, your blog, and so on.

Good luck,

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